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The 24th
Annual NRHSA
Table Top Expo

May 7-10, 2017
The Orleans Hotel
Las Vegas, NV

NRHSA's Goals

  1. To unite hobby dealers -- "in unity there is strength".
  2. To increase national recognition of the hobby industry.
  3. To be the link that shapes the future of our industry.
  4. To promote national advertising.
  5. To create camaraderie between hobby stores by forging the bonds of friendship.
  6. To be a source of leadership that will provide understanding, counseling, and guidance in dealing with daily problems.
  7. To educate new retailers in the concepts of service.
  8. To be the catalyst that will bring new customers into our stores and industry.
  9. To prove that with quality products, proper promotion, and service oriented stores the potential for growth in our industry is unlimited.
  10. To work with HMA in the promotion of their trade shows and membership for our mutual benefit.